Friday, April 15, 2016

Mushroom cover 2016 - LT

Mushroom Cover from Lithuania with a Gomphus clavata. Postmarked April 5th 2016, with arrival on April 14 through Priority mail.

Perf. 14
Design  Eglė Jakutavičiūtė
Print run 200.000 (?)
Issued on Feb 2016 (?)

Gomphus clavatus, pigs ear is a known edible mushroom. Sometimes it's also called Cantharellus clavatus, but more correctly it belongs to a different genus. It's pretty much edible.

The set has two stamps, and is part of "The red book of Lithuania", the other stamp in this two stamps set shows a "Boletus radicans ", we'll or so it says. Since 2014, it's more appropriately called Caloboletus radicans, after recent research at molecular level, an Italian micologyist described this, and a few other Boletus species as a different genus.

I guess Lithuania post hasn't updated their books yet.
Like most white cap Boletus, this one is bitter, and inedible, possibly poisonous.

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