Friday, April 15, 2016

Mushroom cover 2016 - LT

Mushroom Cover from Lithuania with a Gomphus clavata. Postmarked April 5th 2016, with arrival on April 14 through Priority mail.

Perf. 14
Design  Eglė Jakutavičiūtė
Print run 200.000 (?)
Issued on Feb 2016 (?)

Gomphus clavatus, pigs ear is a known edible mushroom. Sometimes it's also called Cantharellus clavatus, but more correctly it belongs to a different genus. It's pretty much edible.

The set has two stamps, and is part of "The red book of Lithuania", the other stamp in this two stamps set shows a "Boletus radicans ", we'll or so it says. Since 2014, it's more appropriately called Caloboletus radicans, after recent research at molecular level, an Italian micologyist described this, and a few other Boletus species as a different genus.

I guess Lithuania post hasn't updated their books yet.
Like most white cap Boletus, this one is bitter, and inedible, possibly poisonous.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Vibrant India 2016 - IN

Cover received today from India. Souvenir sheet of 2016, colorfully shows different aspects of the Indian culture

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Russia Cover in 2016

A very nice and clearly postmarked cover from Russia. Posted March 21 arrived in April 12.

From left to right:

5.00 one of the scented fruit stamps, Issued 2003 on a set of 5. Perf 13½. Print run 630.000

8.00 Europa CEPT stamp from 2008. Perf 12½ x12. Printed 200.000

15p issued in 2014, from a set of 6 stamps on contemporary paintings. Printed on glossy paper. Perf 13½. Print run 228.000

The smaller stamps are the definitive issues of 2008.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Penguin 'extra ounce' cover 2015 - US

Emperor Penguin extra ounce stamp issued in 2015.
Cover received April 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Airships 1991 - USSR

Set issued by USSR in 1991, with print runs of 4.8mil to 2.9mil.

Perf 12 x 12¼

1k.  This was possibly a simple propaganda airship of the Stalin executive. The stamp states 1910, whereas some accounts state this as a prototype under construction in 1914, with also rumours it burst when filling in 1912. Albatros was also the name of a line of German airplanes used during the WWI

3k. The GA-42 (1987) developed by the British. It took airships to a new level by developing the smallest ever known at only 42.000 cm3 of helium. Owned by Thunder & Colt, which was put up for sale in 1993. American Blimp Company acquired it in 1995. It can only carry the pilot and one passenger and it's use goes only as far as advertising or (like it as been used as well) for specific surveillance in peaceful ground.

4k. By the Italian inventor Umberto Nobile, the N1 was built in 1923. It became famous as the first recorded trip to and flight over the North Pole, and the intercontinental ice patch between Europe and America. The trip was financed by an American Explorer and the Norway Aero club, possibly why the airship was nicknamed Norge in 1926.

5k. Pobeda 1944, was Russian built, and used to transport cargo. Mainly hydrogen gas used for parachute training Balloons.  It crashed shortly after in 1947.

20k. The LZ 127, our famous and most known original 'Graf Zeppelin'. No introductuons necessary, this manufacturer was probably the most famous airship developer, so much that we have the tendecy of calling most airships Zeppelins when in fact they arent. Built mainly as a passenger ship, and it did in fact operate for a long time. It travelled through south America, North America,  Europe,  and even some trips to the middle east.
It's comprehensive history is very well told in Wikipedia.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mushrooms 1995 - MY

Malaysia 1995 mushrooms
18 Jan 1995
Stamps: 28 x 37.7 mm
In panes of 100
Perf 14¼ 13¾

This were printed in the Netherlands and no designer identified but rather the design is credited to an advertise agency.


20c. Microporus xanthopus
30c. Cookeina tricholoma 
50c. Dictyophora phalloidea (this guy stinks)
RM 1. Ramaria sp. 

More than most other living beings, fungi can be essential to other forms of life.
By breaking down and processing decaying matter, and recycling it back into nutrients, they directly or indirectly support life in the forests and other ecosystems.

It is estimated that 85% of all plants depend on mushrooms.

Besides the saprophoric mushrooms, some species rather establish symbiotic relationships with trees and plants.

Likewise some fungi even permanently live on human skin, we provide them food, and they keep harmful bacteria away.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Cachet cover 2015 - FR

Received this nice cacheted cover from France with two stamps issued 2015.
Posted March 24 priority mail, received March 30 in Canada.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Batman 2014 - US

The batman forever stamps issued 2014 by USPS

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dam 2013 - DE

Received a cover depicting te famous Mohne Dam in Germany.
The dam was bombed and breached during the WW2.
This stamp marks it's 100th anniversary.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Mills 2009 - CZ

Windmill and watermill, from Czech Republic issued in 2009.
Received this nice cover today, thanks Lucie.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sistine Madonna 2012 - DE

Today a beautiful cover arrived to my mailbox. It had the German SS issued this year to celebrate 5 centuries of a very special piece of art.

In 1512 Raphael painted it originally intended as an altar piece. It stayed unnoticed in the monastery church of san sisto in Piacenza for more than 200 years.
Until 1754, when king of Poland Augustus III bought it and relocated it to Dresden, Germany.

The SS is beautiful and feels like you have a copy of the painting in an envelope.
 Thanks Ulrich for this piece.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lighthouses 1987 (capex) - CA

The souvenir sheet issued in 87 for the capex serie.
I also have a full bloc I'm saving for a special trade.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fishing flies 2005 - CA

Its been a long time since I've posted anything. Although the reasons for the absence are personal, this issue ain't, and it deserves being shown to the whole world.
It shows some of the most iconic canadian historic fishing flies.

Issued in 04.02.2005 it now belongs in my collection. There were some other flies from a different issue, but I'll leave those for later.
I have always been a sports fishing enthuiast, maybe that's why I love this isue, but you have to recognize the stamps are beautiful.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today's Issue - PT

Today Portuguese PO issued 4 very nice stamps, and 2 mini sheets depicting fresh water migratory Fish that can be found on our territory.

Issued 7 April 2011 - Portugal

-0,32 Lampetra fluvialis (European river lamprey), it migrates from the seas deep into river upstream to spawn in Autumn and Winter. It is very appreciated in some regions of Portugal as a traditional and seasonal specialized dish, and to protect the species very restrictive laws have been applied here regarding it's capture.

Alosa alosa (Allis Shad) : it lives nea the Atlantic coasts of Europe, where it constantly filters tons of water to feed on the zoo-plankton. It's when it migrates upriver that it is most fascinating. A big fish (can reach 70 cm and 5 kg) that can be found in all most important Portuguese rivers. Besides the migratory populations, we have some considered fully adapted to live in fresh water through all their lives in the Tejo and Mondego river upstream of 2 big dams. Those populations got retained there upon the construction of this structures. This is another fish that is very appreciated as traditional food, and in some river communities, it has an elevated economic importance.

-0,68 Platichthus flesus (European flounder) is ugly looking flatfish can be found in European coastlines. In Portugal they can be found a lot in rivers estuaries and some times upstream. It is originally from Europe but it was accidentally introduced to North America by the transport and exploration ships.

Liza ramada (Thinlip mullet) : present in European East coast, from Norway to Morocco, Mediterranean and Black Sea. It mostly inhabits deep waters in the estuaries, while when it migrates upstream, it usually stays just below the surface.
Another fish with big importance to the fishing river communities. When it swims upriver in big schools, provides a unique and beautiful show on the parts of the river with strong stream.
I used to watch the schools jumping when the sun was seting, in the Tejo river near Constancia when i was a kid.
An example (unfortunately with a single fish) is shown in the picture below.

The 2 mini sheets can be seen by clicking here.

Big cover, big sheet

The second piece today from India was this King-sized sheet!
Amazing issue from India this year during the event of INDIPEX 2011.
This sheet was issued to celebrate the centenary of Airmail.
This awesomely designed cover shows many different aspects related to the subject, including photo of the air plane that made the first Airmail delivery, news headline and photo of the pilot, example of covers posted and the special cancellations, among other magical scenes.
As you can see the cover has the special cancellation as well.
Thank you very much Saujanya for this treasure.

(click picture to enlarge)

Issued Indipex 2011 - India

Horses - IN

Received today 2 very nice covers sent from India.
For this one, the Souvenir sheet of 2009 depicting Horses of India, was used to pay the postage.
Looks very nice on the cover

Issued 2009 - India

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flowers 2011 - SI

Coming again from Slovenia, the 2011 set of Flowers, very recently issued.
A very nice cover with the 3 stamps of the set.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And another snake!

Received the second snake stamp from the 2010 issue of Slovenia.
This one depicts exactly the same species as the last post from Aland, a Coronella austriaca.
Thanks Polona for this very nice *RAS* cover. =)

Issued 2010 - Slovenia

Aland Snake

Received on a card from Aland Islands, another great drawn snake stamp depicting a Coronella austriaca.
From the defiitive issue of 2 stamps in 2002

Macedonia - Parrots 2010

A very nice cover with the 2 stamps of the set of Parrots, issued by Macedonia in 2010.
Thanks Ana.